Chris Mortensen Is Not the Only NFL Writer Who Has Tweets To Delete - The Big Lead

Like this tweet coming from Sports Illustrated's Peter King.

. It still exists. Lots involving folks are providing Mort a difficult time in regards to the tweet, yet he's certainly not the really first NFL author to always be able to tweet something he shouldn't have, and then leave up regarding further unidentified reasons. the record was wrong, but the tweet remained up regarding months. This picture ended up being taken 3 a lengthy time ago.


That's only a picture Peter King snapped associated with Pro Football Focus author Neil Hornsby employing a urinal at a baseball game. It's any cell telephone picture of people using the bathroom.

Personally, I'd rather have Mort say my balls are generally too tiny as compared to have got Peter King take a picture to prove it.

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Chris Mortensen recently deleted his 7-month outdated tweet which claimed the Patriots' AFC Championship Game footballs had been under-inflated. There certainly tend to be a large quantity of ways you might explain the picture, yet in its the majority of simple, the prominent media member took a picture of a bunch of guys without his or her knowledge or even consent while they were likely to the bathroom

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